MANILA, Philippines — The City of Manila on Friday switched on the lights of a 45-foot Christmas tree in Bonifacio Shrine to perk up the celebration of the Christmas season in the nation’s capital. Manila Mayor Honey Lacuña, along with other local government officials, led the ceremonial tree lighting activity at the park.  “This lighting ceremony is a symbol of our hope that our aspirations in life will come true,” Lacuna said. The Christmas tree, Lacuna shared, was designed by Norman Francis Blanco and inspired by the  vision to make Manila residents feel that the city government is with them during the holiday season and at all times. “I enjoin everyone to join us in making the Christmas in our city become lively and happy,” Lacuna said. “Let’s help each other to make the capital of our country more happy, lively, cozy and prosperous, not only this holiday season but in the days to come, ” added Lacuna. RELATED STORIES: ‘Ber’ months na! Foreign envoys join PH merry countdown to Christmas The first Christmas tree in the Philippines

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